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1.The copyright of the individual information published on this site (text, photographs and illustrations, etc.) belongs to the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs of the Tokyo Metropolis Government in principle. However, the copyrights of some images are owned by the original creators.
2.You may not reproduce or otherwise use text and images on this site without permission except in the event permitted by the Copyright Act such as reproduction for personal use or quotations.


In principle, you are free to link to this site whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However, please do not establish a link if you apply, or may apply, to one of the following.
1.When your website includes content intended to slander or otherwise damage the credibility of the Tokyo Metropolis Government, another company (person) or another organization
2.When your website commits, or may commits, violations of the copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights, assets, privacy, image rights or other rights of the Tokyo Metropolis Government, another company (person) or another organization
3.When it is unclear that it is content of the Tokyo Metropolis Government (when this website expands within a frame etc.) and there is a possibility of misleading a third party
4.In addition to the above items, when your website commits an act that violates acts, regulations, rules and other laws/ordinances or public order and morals and acts that interfere with the operation of this site
5.When you establish a link using a logo or mark owned by the Tokyo Metropolis Government without permission
6.When you establish a link in a form that causes a misunderstanding over the source of the information provider
Please also note that the URL of this site is subject to change without notice. Please understand that the Tokyo Metropolis Government will bear absolutely no responsibility for other damages, complaints or otherwise in relation to links.
1.Recommended Environment

We recommend you use the following browsers when using this site to use it even more safely and comfortably.
1.Latest version of Microsoft Edge
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4.Latest version of Safari

You can also view this website on a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).

2.Technologies Used


We use cookies on this site when you visit it. One purpose of that is so that you can browse this site more conveniently. The other is so that we can acquire information to continuously improve this site.

A cookie is information sent to your browser from the server related to the operation of this site. It is recorded on your computer. However, the information recorded does not include any information that identifies you as an individual (your name, address or telephone number, etc.).

Moreover, cookies have no direct adverse effect on your computer. We may use the cookies of third-party companies to which we outsource business to understand the access situation of each page.

You may refuse to accept cookies with the settings on your browser. Even in this case, that will not greatly hinder your browsing of this site.

Please refer to the help of your software or ask the manufacturer for how to setup your browser.


We use JavaScript in some of the content so that you can use this site even more comfortably.

Please understand that you may not be able to correctly display or operate this content if you have not enabled JavaScript in the settings of the browser you use.


We use SSL encrypted communications in some of the services on this site to improve the security level.

Your web browser must support 128-bit SSL to use the applicable services.

Your name, address, telephone number and other personal information that you input is automatically encrypted before it is sent by using a web browser compatible with the security functions.

You do not need to be concerned about the contents being stolen even in the unlikely event of a third party intercepting the transmitted data.

In addition, you may not be able to use the applicable page depending on your firewall and other settings.


You will need Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems Incorporated to view PDF files.

If you have not installed Adobe Reader or if the content of this website is not displayed correctly, please download the latest version before viewing this site.


Please view the Twitter site for a description relating to its terms of use.


Please view the Facebook site for a description relating to its terms of use.

3.Information System Security

We protect information assets from threats to continue business based on your trust and to fulfill our social mission as an administrative organ.

We strive to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss or leakage and take appropriate safety measures to maintain the safety and accuracy of information assets.

Our handling of information assets complies with the Tokyo Metropolis Government Basic Information Security Policy, laws/ordinances and other norms.

In the event we outsource the processing of information assets, we will do so based on appropriate management as the Tokyo Metropolis Government.

We will create a system for continuous improvement to maintain and improve information security.

Legal Matters
1. Disclaimers

We do not provide any guarantee with respect to the completeness or accuracy of the information posted on this site.

The information posted is subject to change without notice.

We will accept absolutely no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss from using the information or content contained on this site.

2. Prohibited Matters

We prohibit the following acts when using this site.
1.Acts that hinder or obstruct the operation of this site
2.Acts that cause, or may cause, inconvenience, disadvantage or damage privacy to another user, third party or our company
3.Acts that violate, or may violate, public order and morals
4.Acts that violate acts, laws, acts or ordinances
5.Other acts the Tokyo Metropolis Government deems to be inappropriate

3. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The use of this site and the interpretation and application of the terms of use described here are governed by the law of Japan unless otherwise specified.

The Tokyo District Court shall be the court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes relating to this site.

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