Themed Exhibition

At MOKUCOLLE 2024, we have prepared an "Organizer's Exhibit" that expresses the necessity and benefits of using domestic timber from multiple perspectives.
Visitors can experience the appeal and value of domestic timber only at MOKUCOLLE 2024.
The organizer's exhibition consists of the following three areas.
We sincerely look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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1.Wood Value Cycle zone

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In this corner, we convey the current state of domestic forests, their challenges, functions of the forest, and the importance of the forest cycle.

Forest Forestry Distribution, Sawing, and Processing Utilization

What roles do forests have? This corner conveys the current state of domestic forests, their challenges, the functions they serve, and the importance of the forest cycle, while also addressing the following questions:
1.Are Japan's forests increasing or decreasing?
2.Is it really better to cut down trees?
3.Why is thinning necessary in forests?
4.What role do forests play for people and society?
5.What does the forest cycle involve?

What does the job of forestry involve when entering the forest? Here we focus on an overview of forestry and introduce people related to the industry. We also explore the potential of future forestry through the use of ICT technology in "smart forestry."

We display the process from logging in the forest to sawing and processing, allowing visitors to appreciate the expansion of wood use in housing, furniture, and daily necessities. With the social background of carbon neutrality and SDGs efforts, we exhibit the trends in medium to large-scale wooden buildings. We also introduce various technologies such as densification, bending, and compression that are applicable to furniture and daily goods beyond construction.

General Distribution Wood Samples

Surface Consolidation Materials

Nice Corporation

Pre-cut wood samples

CLT (orthogonal laminated timber)

Japan CLT Association

Utilization (Consumer Goods) Corner

We exhibit actual products to show how timber, which has passed through the stages of forest, forestry, distribution, and processing, is utilized in people's lives.
By physically handling them, visitors can appreciate the new possibilities of using domestic timber.

Cedar Dining Chair

Manufactured by Furniture Studio Hirohata Woodworking:

a piece of forest

WISE WISE Inc. / Yukio Hashimoto Design Studio / Yoshizaki Corporation /Ikeda Lumber Company Ltd.

Wooden Bicycle Sport Type TR-S Type E-Thru Type

Kanemoku Industries, Ltd.

Utilization (Distribution Materials) Corner

Non-residential and medium to large-scale wooden constructions using general distribution materials and new building materials are gaining attention. We deliver the allure of architectures that utilize wood for various purposes, such as creating forests in cities, conveying regional charm with wood, and leveraging the benefits of timber.


Takenaka Corporation / Hulic Corporation / Kengo Kuma Architectural & Urban Design Office / West Shirakawa District Forestry Association / Kyowa Lumber Co.


Takenaka Corporation / Saito Wood Industry Co., Ltd. / Cypress Sunadaya Co., Ltd. / Mitsui Bussan Forest Co., Ltd. / Yamasaki Lumber Co., Ltd. / Yamachou Shouten Co., Ltd.

Ariake GYM-EX (Ariake Gymnastics Arena)

Nikken Sekkei Ltd. / Shimizu Corporation / The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

PARK WOOD Takamori

Takenaka Corporation

2.Wood Solution zone

The "Wood Solution Zone" is divided into three corners: "Decarbonization & SDGs Solutions," "Well-being Solutions," and "Regional Value Enhancement Solutions," introducing solutions that domestic timber offers to themes that society focuses on.

solution Img
Decarbonization & SDGs Solutions Well-being Solutions Regional Value Enhancement Solutions

Timber contributes to the prevention of global warming from three aspects: carbon sequestration, reduction in energy use during production, and as an alternative to fossil fuels. Timber use is considered a potent means especially in corporate activities that emphasize the shift towards a decarbonized society and the strengthening of SDGs initiatives. This corner provides a detailed look at the relationship between timber use and decarbonization.

Research has shown that timber has various effects such as lowering blood pressure, relaxing the body, reducing stress, and enhancing the function of immune cells. We introduce the effects that olfactory, tactile, and visual stimulation from timber have on human physiology and psychology, clarifying the benefits of wooden and wood-based construction.

Experience walking on different types of wood and different materials

Experience the difference in tactile temperature between wood and metal

Experience the difference in aroma of different tree species

In various regions, efforts are made to utilize forests to create attractive products with the participation of young and creative talents, as well as to connect cities and forests for regional revitalization. This corner introduces initiatives from three regions.




FabCafe Hidaの木工房








3.Wood Lifestyle zone

lifestyle img lifestyle img 2

In the "Wood Lifestyle Zone," we have exhibited space designs showing how domestic timber can be utilized in people's life scenes. By cutting out living scenes that use domestic timber extensively and efficiently, visitors can immerse themselves and take them as model cases for when actually making a wood change. In the "Residential Space," you can see and touch the charm of a life surrounded by domestic timber. In "Non-residential Space," you can create new value from the timbering of offices and commercial spaces.

Residential Space Non-residential Space MOKUCOLLE cafe

Residential Space - Living Corner

In the living room where you spend much time, we have created a refreshing space by incorporating greenery, which is highly compatible with timber. Please fully experience the charm of timber through floors, furniture, and stylish miscellaneous goods.

Hita cedar modern design furniture series

DINOS CORPORATION / IKASAS DESIGN Corporation / Moble Corporation / Ueki Sangyo Corporation

Hita cedar modern book rack


Fascinating pen tray and Japanese colored wooden-axle pen "KOMURA"

Wooden-axle pen workshop KIKI / Hirakawa Lumber Company Ltd.

Uzukuri Puzzle -4piece- (Japanese only)

mokunowa / Takuya Baba / Haruki Corporation / Kenji Yamamoto

Torico Cabinet


Boxed Reversi Square

Masuda Kiribako Store, Inc.

Residential Space - Dining Corner

With the concept of a woody space that enhances delicious meals, we have been particular about dining tables, cutlery, and lighting. You may discover new ways of using timber.

Wooden wine glass IPPONGI

Shoutou Lacquer Works, Ltd

Wooden Frozen Rice Container "COBITSU

Ohashi Weighing Company Ltd / Hideya Nanji


GRIND ARCHITECTS Akihide Takada / Motoki Maeda


Style of Japan K.K.

KIRIFT Stocker Series

Art Wooden Boxes Urata / Doing Inc.

Wooden refrigerator

Kanemoku Industries, Inc.

Wooden Foldable Wheelchair Wooden Wheelchair Type 22

Kanemoku Industries, Inc.

Hita cedar under-counter storage



有限会社 Koshin Kanagata Seisakusho Ki, Ltd.

Forest Gin Kusaki Sake

LLC, Yamabushi


Karimoku Furniture Inc.

Residential Space - Bedroom Corner

As a comfortable space for sleep and tranquility, we have furnished the bedroom with timber to create a healing atmosphere. Please experience the space that allows you to feel the comfort of timber at the end of the day and rejuvenate for tomorrow.


Isolite Building Materials, Inc.


Fascinating pen tray and Japanese colored wooden-axle pen "KOMURA"

Coat Hanger 'ALBERO'

Tendo Mokko Co., Ltd.

iLignos Mask Case

Nagoya Wood Co., Ltd.

[haus] Hinoki All In one Natural Skin Gel

Trade Label Co., Ltd. / Kenji Miyaki


Storyo Co., Ltd.

Japanese Broadleaf Trees and Skilled Craftsmanship Create a Lightweight Carved Chair

KOMA Co., Ltd.


Storyo Co., Ltd.


Nakai Industry Co., Ltd.

shell × shelf

Morisho Fine Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Residential Space - Dining Corner

We have set up a relaxing space concept for a small garden party at home. We also have products that cater to the recent popularity of outdoor needs, not just for home use.

Domestic Hinoki Barrel Sauna 'Refreshing Forest Sauna®'Toho Co., Ltd.

Toho Co., Ltd.


Artistree Co., Ltd.

Enjoy a warm drink in a relaxing space where you can feel the warmth of wood.

Kuro-moji roasted coffee

Seasonal fruit drinks


Artistree Co., Ltd.

Non-residential Space - Office Corner

Timbering the office can have a positive impact on employees, visitors, and society as a whole. As the government also promotes timbering, various support systems are in place, and we hope this can be an opportunity to advance timbering.

Non-residential Space - Educational Facilities Corner

Learning in a space that cultivates all five senses using the charm of wood is expected to have psychological and educational effects. We hope you will experience the wood-based space that fosters learning.

Non-residential Space - Welfare Facilities Corner

Timbering in welfare facilities can reduce the risk of injuries to users due to timber's ability to absorb impacts compared to concrete and others. It also provides a space that is closer to users from the perspectives of sound absorption and the warmth of appearance and smell.

Non-residential Space - Commercial Facilities Corner

Introducing a wooden space into commercial facilities can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for customers. It contributes to economic effects due to extended customer dwell time and enhances the branding of companies and stores.